At least one of the authors listed in the paper must register for SYSCO’2016. A full registration include the participation to the technical sessions, proceedings (electronic version), lunches, coffee breaks, publication fees and banquet (for non-student).

Additional tickets for the banquet could be purchased during the registration.

Students should send a proof of their full time student status.
All accepted papers are expected to have a presenter attending the conference.
If no written cancellation (e-mail, telefax or letter) is received for a full registration for the paper by November 7th and no rearrangements for substitution have been done to have someone else to present the paper at the event, the paper in question will not be included in the IEEE Xplore.

Each accepted paper or poster must have at least one FULL registration attached to it.
For authors presenting multiple papers, one registration is valid for one paper.

Registration forms:

Please scan the filled, signed form and the bank transfer confirmation and send it to Mohammed Ouzzif : Email: with Cc to