Accepted Papers


1- « An adaptive and smart security architecture for Web Service – SmartWSSec Architectureé », El Houssain Ben Messaoud and Diouri Ouafaa.

2- « Proposition of an approach based on BPM to manage agile development processes », Sirine Zaouali and Sonia Ayachi Ghannouchi.

3- « A metamodel for meteorological data integration and real-time processing: An approach based on spChains and SOS », Mohamed Hdafa, Mouad Lemoudden, Youssef Zouhairi and Ziyati Houssaine.

4- « Applying Secure Multi-Party Computation to Improve Collaboration in Healthcare Cloud », Ali Kartit, Mbarek Marwan and Hassan Ouahmane.

5- « A Case-Based Reasoning Approach to the Reusability of CWM Metadata », Lamiae Demraoui, Hicham Behja, El Moukhtar Zemmouri and Rachid Ben Abbou.

6- « A Survey of IoT Coordination », Radia Belkeziz and Zahi Jarir.

7- « Non Functional Requirements Interdependencies in Web Service Composition », Ilyass El Kassmi and Zahi Jarir.

8-« Enrichment of ontology by exploiting collaborative tagging systems: A contextual semantic approach. », Sara Qassimi, El Hassan Abdelwahed, Meriem Hafidi and Rachid Lamrani.

9- « A Synthesis of Communication Architectures and Services of Smart Grid Systems » Soufiane Zahid, Slimane Bah and Abdeslam En-Nouaary.

10- «Supporting the implementation of ITIL Processes Using Business Process Management Systems » Youssef Mahy, Mohamed Ouzzif and Khalid Bouragba.

11- « Intelligent Information Retrieval System for kids », Mounira Chkiwa, Anis Jedidi and Faiez Gargouri.

12- « An ETL Pattern Toward the Semi-Automatic Extraction of Topic Hierarchy », aadhar Amir and Ghozzi Faiza.

13- « Interoperability of Smartphone and Wireless Sensor Network for monitoring the traffic congestion », Rachid Aouami, Mohamed Ouzzif and Mounir Rifi.

14- « New approach for securing communication over MQTT protocol A comparaison between RSA and Elliptic Curve », Abdessamad Mektoubi, Hicham Belhadaoui and Mounir Rifi.

15- « Modeling Cooperation of Inter-university E-learning Workflows with a Multi-level Virtual Architecture », El Messari Samiha and Bouragba Khalid.

16- « Modeling of a collaborative learning process in the context of MOOCs », Asma Hassani and Sonia Ayachi Ghannouchi.

17- « Personalized recommendation of human resources based on preferences and the psychological type of people a collaborative filtering-based approach », Outman Haddani, Souad Amjad and Ali Dahmani.


1- « A Comparative Analysis of Different Approaches for Big Data Interoperability », Hajoui Omar, Rachid Dehbi, Mohamed Talea, Zouhair Ibn Batouta and Bakhouyi Abdellah.

2 – « Real time monitoring of security events for forensic purposes in Cloud environments using SIEM(in progress) », Imane Bachane, Chaoui Habiba and Youness Idrissi Khamlichi.

3- « Data storage in Big Data Context: A Survey », Akram Elomari, Abderrahim Maizate and Larbi Hassouni.

4- « A formal specification approach of Privacy-aware Attribute Based Access Control (Pa-ABAC) model for Cloud Computing », Maryam Ed-Daibouni, Adil Lebbat, Saida Tallal and Hicham Medromi.

5- « Deployment and redeployment of ambulances using a heuristic method, a Genetic Algorithm and an Ant Colony Optimization -Case study », Meryam Benabdouallah, Chakib Bojji and Othmane El Yaakoubi.

6- « Optimization of the Delivery Delay in DTN Networks », Abdellaoui Alaoui El Arbi and Nassiri Khalid.

7- « Routing Protocols in Vehicular Ad Hoc Networks: A Survey », Senouci Oussama and Aliouat Zibouda.


1- « A Comparative Study Between NoSQL Databases », Abdelhak Erraji and Abderrahim Maizate.

2- « Modeling of a collaborative learning process in the context of Cloud Computing », Azouzi Sameh, Ayachi Ghannouchi Sonia and Brahmi Zaki.

3- « A Design Requirements Framework for Mobile Learning System», Aziz Abdel Karim and Faddoul Khokhi.

4- « Improving the Delivery Rate for DTN Networks », Abdellaoui Alaoui El Arbi.

5- « Looking inside semantic trajectory knowledge discovery as a way to extract meaning features from spatiotemporal data », Sana Chakri, Said Raghay and Elhadaj Salah.

6- « A conceptual and computational approach to detect semantic outliers from georeferenced moving objects », Sana Chakri, Said Raghay and Elhadaj Salah.

7- « From agents to 3D image: A MAS cooperative view to analyze images », Hanane Allioui, Mohamed Sadgal and Aziz Elfaziki.

8- « A combined metric for clustering in Vehicular Ad-hoc Networks », Abdelali Touil.

9- « Two Level Load Balancing Model based Threshold in Cloud », Amal Zaouch and Faouzia Benabbou.

10- « Improvement of complementary pedagogical resources indexing based on pedagogical warehouse for recommendation system CRHL », Mohammed Kamal Rtili, Mohamed Khaldi and Ali Dahmani.

11- « A multi-level approach for selecting and recommending semantic web services », Amal Latrache and El Habib Nfaoui.

12- « A Novel Centralized Clustering Approach based on K-means Algorithm for Wireless Sensor Network », Echoukairi Hassan, Kada Amine, Bouragba Khalid.

13- « xAPI: succeeding SCORM as the new efficient standard for Learning Management Systems », Adnan El Bakkali Idrissi, Mohamed Larbi Ben Maati and Ismail El Haddioui.

14- « Cloud-based VCLE: a Virtual Collaborative Learning Environment Based on a Cloud Computing Architecture », Abderrahim El Mhouti, Azeddine Nasseh and Mohamed Erradi.

15- « Optimal method based on eliminating noise in fuzzy clustering for approximate queries », Fatima Ezzahra Lagrari, Ziyati Houssaine and Mohamed Youssfi El Kettani.

16- « Intrusion Detection in cloud Computing based attacks patterns and risk assesement », Bencharhi Youssef, Mannane Nada, Bendriss Elmahdi and Regragui Boubker.

17- « Critical success factors for the implementation of entreprise resource planning (ERP) of moroccan entreprises », Fatima Jalil and Abdellah Zaouia.

18- « A conceptual Model to achieve a Strategic Agility in Information Systems », Sahid Abdelkebir and Belaissaoui Mustapha.